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Take the opportunity to have your vehicle checked over for safety and reliability. You get a written report helping you keep track of any maintenance due.

Components and systems inspected and tested in your vehicle's health check:

  • Windscreen and wipers

  • Tread depth all tyres

  • Tyre damage and general health

  • Brake shoes and brake drums for wear and remaining life

  • Brake pads and brake disc rotors for wear and remaining life

  • Report if tyre rotation needed

  • Engine oil level

  • Windscreen washer fluid

  • Engine coolant level and remaining life

  • Power steering level and remaining life

  • Brake fluid level and remaining life

  • Clutch fluid level and remaining life

  • Transmission and driveline fluids and remaining life

  • Brake system condition

  • Drive and CV shaft condition and remaining life of boots

  • Axle hub and bearings

  • Steering - damaged and worn components

  • Suspension - damaged and worn components

  • Battery condition and remaining life test

  • Visual check for fluid leaks, Engine, Transmission, Diff. Suspension

  • Exhaust system, damage, leaks, corrosion

  • Fuel system, damage, leaks, corrosion

  • Starter motor operation.

  • Air-filter

  • Vehicle charging system check

  • Cooling system check & pressure test

  • Hoses, cracks, damage, leaks

  • Drive belts, cracks, damage, wear

  • Exterior lights, head, tail, brake, indicators, park, hazard

  • Key remote, operation/range

  • Air-conditioner performance & Temp

  • Warning lights and instruments check

  • Cabin /pollen air-filter

  • Parking brake operation

  • Horn operation

  • Internal lights

  • Seat belts


With every service you get a report on your vehicle’s health. It’s a record of what we did and what needs to be done and what needs to be done with urgency. This health report is a report card on your car’s safety and reliability record. Keep it in your glovebox to remind you of outstanding work to be done.

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Your vehicle's health report becomes a running record of maintenance, it also enhances the resale value of your investment.

Get reliability and economy with peace of mind. Have your vehicle ckecked over at Highway Auto.

Examples of vehicles we service
● Audi
● Daewoo
● Daihatsu
● Datsun
● Fiat
● Ford
● Holden
● Honda
● Hyundai
● Isuzu Ute
● Jeep
● Kia
● Land Rover
● Lexus
● Mazda
● Mini
● Mitsubishi
● Nissan
● Subaru
● Suzuki
● Toyota
● Volkswagen
● Volvo

Highway Auto Servicing, offer personal service and quality workmanship guaranteed* for life.

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